my (so-called) donut life


#04: happiness.

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funny that i never liked my last name,
but once i lose it, i kinda miss it.



week#12: comfortable distance.

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i like a comfortable distance between them,
not too far,
but not too close.

movies of the weeks
13. (50) days of summer
15. the king’s speech
16. love actually


week #9: it’s so simple and beautiful.

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even if we don’t have any special plans
even if we are caught in the rain the whole weekend
beyond the language bars and background differences
just by getting together, we can make one ordinary day so fun and special.

it’s a simple and beautiful piece of my life.

*movies of the week*
9. avatar
10. the visitor
11. rainman

the loveliest couple ever 🙂 Blog.